Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

February 11, 2013
2013 – 06

• It was British author Oscar Wilde who made the following sage observation: “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”

• Those who study such things say that if you drink 100 cups of coffee in a row, it’s likely to kill you.

06 Strange• You might have heard that George Washington’s dentures were made of wood, but in fact, they were made of hippopotamus ivory.

• In 1900, a prairie dog colony was found in Texas. That’s not surprising — prairie dogs are fairly common out West — but this colony was unique. Researchers say it was the largest colony ever discovered, providing a home to 400 million prairie dogs and stretching over 25,000 square miles.

• If you’ve read “Alice in Wonderland” or seen any of the numerous adaptations of it, you probably know about the Mad Hatter. But did you ever wonder why he was mad? It seems that haberdashers (those who make hats) at one time used mercury to cure the felt they needed for the hats. Long-term exposure to mercury causes madness, hence the phrase “mad as a hatter.”

• Martin Van Buren was the first president to be born a citizen of the United States.

• To earn a world record, a woman named Sonya Thomas ate 65 hard-boiled eggs in 6 minutes, 40 seconds.

• The female long-tailed shrew gives birth to exactly one litter of pups in her lifetime — and promptly dies.

• Our modern word “salary” comes from the Latin “salarium,” or “salt money.” Salarium was the monthly wages given to Roman soldiers in ancient times — paid in salt.
Thought for the Day: “Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.” — Jose Maria de Eça de Queiroz

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