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July 28, 2020
8-lot subdivision Tooele City gets planning commission approval

The Tooele City Planning Commission met Wednesday evening to discuss a request for a subdivision preliminary plat located at approximately 690 West 700 South in the city.

During the meeting, Andrew Aagard, Tooele City planner presented the request.

The applicant, Larry Jacobson, representing Flyway Holding, wants to create the subdivision on the 1.99 acres located on the property, according to Aagard.

The property is currently zoned R1-7 residential which supports five dwelling units per acre, according to city code.

Properties to the north, west, and east are all zoned R1-7 residential and are being utilized as single-family residential.

Properties to the south are zoned MR-8 multi-family residential but are being utilized as single-family residential, according to Aagard.

The applicant wants to subdivide the existing 1.99 acre piece of land into eight lots that will be larger than 9,000 square feet in size.

There will be a total of eight lots located within the subdivision. 

Each lot within the subdivision meets or exceeds all lot requirements regarding minimum lot size, lot width, and lot frontages as required by the R1-7 residential zone.

According to Aagard, each lot will have a stormwater retention basin which will extend 53 feet from the northern property line.

The basin will maintain storm water on the site and not flood adjacent properties.

The subdivision plat will also result in the dedication of 25 feet of property as a public right-of-way.

The owners of the subdivision will be required to improve the frontage of the subdivision with curb, gutter, park strip, and sidewalks, as well as any asphalt required for road improvements, according to Aagard.

The Tooele city engineering and public works divisions previously completed a review of the request and have issued a recommendation for approval.

During the planning commission meeting, all of the members of the commission voted to forward a positive recommendation to the city council.


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