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April 6, 2021
90 years and a saxophone

A month ago my long time friend, Dave Faddis, beat me to the age 90 milestone of life. In sports I could never catch up with Dave, beginning at Carbon High School many years ago. Dave was Carbon’s swift running back — I was a plodding Buff lineman — never came close to catching him. His birthday announcement should remind our Tooele community of Dave’s contributions and service, including sports.

I want, however, to acknowledge my personal appreciation for one of Dave’s other talents. David comes from a community with many talented musicians and when he signed a contract with the Tooele School District after graduating from B.Y.U., I wondered if my small dance band might pick up a fine sax player. Our small group would gain the former lead sax of the premier band from Provo, “The Y’s Men.”

Dave joined us. I and our group were rewarded with 35 tears of Dave’s musicianship.

Karl Swan


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