Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah
  • Saturday afternoon nearly rained out the fair on its first year back since COVID-19 but the show went on. The Tooele County Fair was held Aug. 4-6. This year’s fair included a City of Fun carnival with amusing rides and games, a stock show, pet show, a softball tournament, and a 4H craft and home […]

  • Over 100 angry Tooele residents gathered at Tooele City Hall to voice their concerns over a proposed property  tax increase on the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 3, at City Hall.  The Council decided to hold their vote on the final property tax rate, which may be lower than originally proposed, and next year’s budget until […]

  • Regular riders of Utah Transit Authority’s F400, F402 or F453 bus routes should check out the August 7 changes for Tooele County before they head for their favorite bus stop. The F400 and F402 routes are gone and portions of the F453 are also gone. In their place, UTA offers a new on-demand service that […]

  • The 2022-2023 Tooele City budget includes a hike in salary for the mayor. The new budget sets the mayor’s salary at $121,151, which includes $112,521 from the city’s general fund and $9,400 from the redevelopment agency budget. The mayor’s combined annual salary in 2021 was $96,102, according to The dramatic increase came about after […]

  • 85-year-old Walt Shubert, former Tooele County sheriff, Ophir mayor and director of security for Barrick/Mercur passed away on Sunday. Shubert left behind a legacy of service to his community and others along with a great love for his adopted town of Ophir. Gary Vario, Ophir, said he first met Shubert when Vario was 8 years […]

  • UDOT created a buzz when they announced four proposed “alignments” for the next phase of the Midvalley Highway and opened a public comment period on July 18. That comment period closed on Monday, Aug. 1, but the Friday before it closed the Tooele Transcript Bulletin had the opportunity to sit down at UDOT’s Region 2 […]

  • Erda City adopted their land use ordinance, a zoning map and a subdivision ordinance during their July 28 meeting in the basement of the Tooele County Building. As a result of approving the land use ordinance,  Erda City Council also voted to lift the moratorium on issuing new permits for construction or alteration existing structures […]

  • The Tooele County Sheriff’s Office is facing one of the greatest issues that plague police departments across the country today: staffing shortages, but things aren’t as bad as they have been. Because of shortages, the Sheriff’s Department has to ask their officers, including those working in the jail and their dispatchers, to pick up extra […]

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