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July 9, 2013
A back door decision

The evil that men do. The evil that I speak of happened July 2, 2013 at the Tooele County Commission meeting when the county commissioners, Mr. Milne and Mr. Hurst, voted to abolish the planning and zoning commissions of the Townships of Erda and Pine canyon.

Mr. Milne claimed the reason was it cost the county too much money. The money reason is a ruse hiding behind the financial woes of the county. The combining of the planning board zoning meetings and reducing the number of meetings would have resolved the money issue. Combining and reducing the number of the meetings would have been a win-win situation. Money would be available and true representation of the residents of the Erda and Pine Canyon Townships would be maintained as the American government should be.

The decision was a back door decision to satisfy special interests, not the people. Voters beware if these men run for any office again; the likelihood of them representing the people’s voice for a majority ruling is very low. They will represent special interest groups. I can’t believe Mr. Hurst and Mr. Milne can look in the mirror at themselves let alone into the faces of the people they are supposed to represent. They are truly running a totalitarian government.

The vote was a political decision for developers and real estate interests to rape Tooele County of its needed open spaces. These open spaces are important to maintain the environment and integrity of Tooele County.

If I could draw a picture, it would show a coffin containing the Body of Justice being buried and Commissioners Milne and Hurst shoveling dirt over justice to bury it in the ground.

The developers and real estate businesses are now salivating at their mouths to plunder and poison and kill beautiful Tooele County and usurping our precious resources such as water and open spaces while laughing all the way to the bank.

Congratulations in your totalitarian strategy and political gain to run our county affairs. I can’t wait to see what other decisions will be made without the voice of the people. Stay tuned and be watchful Tooele County neighbors.

Carol Johnson

Pine Canyon

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