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June 21, 2016
A family in need

A life lived only for ones own self is a sad and lonely life. Here is a chance to give a helping hand to a family that is facing hardship. It will make you feel so good to make a difference in the lives of some sweet boys who need some cheering up.

Their mother, Amy Terry, passed away on March 16, 2016. Her husband, Kirk Terry, is left with not only deep sorrow, but funeral debts, medical bills and trying to feed and house his family with a part-time job. You see, Kirk has to spend much time caring for his handicapped son who needs constant attention. If there ever was a story that tugged at my heart, it is this one. However, I saw them at the pool recently and the somber faces of his four boys, 11 to 17 years old, had smiles for a change. What if they could come to the pool on a regular basis? The family time in the pool would help give them the healing they so need.

So, here is where you can help. Through Facebook, you can donate to Kirk’s family having a one-year pool pass at Pratt Aquatic Center in Tooele. Look for my name, Mary Ann B. Johnson on Your $15 donation would bring these boys closer to having their dream. The sooner you donate the quicker we can get them out of their hot trailer and into the swimming pool. If there is any money left over after we get the pass for them, it will go toward their financial obligations. Please reach out to a family that needs community support.

Mary Ann B. Johnson


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