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August 6, 2019
A little boy teaches that wonder, beauty can transform the mundane

I didn’t need to look at a clock to know what time it was. 

I turned the corner into my driveway. The first sprinkler water zone was active. Water was flying everywhere to my left as I wound my way toward the garage. I knew the path well, so I used my peripheral vision to make sure that the sprinkler heads were all working properly. 

Sometimes, I worry that doing so is a twisted obsession. But it is a necessary concern this time of year. Satisfied, I drove the car into its space so we could get out.

As soon as Kilee and Garrison Johnson freed themselves from the seat belts, they began to release their three-year-old son, Landon. He jumped down from his car seat and spun around with glee in his eyes. He barely touched the ground as he sprinted toward the grass and water.

“Water!” he called out as he ran forward.

Sprinklers can be mundane to those of us who live here. Perhaps many of us think of them as even boring, or a necessary evil because of their cost in both time and money. But to Landon, a low-lander from Arkansas, where the amount of rain delivered from the sky in one week can be more than what we receive here in a whole year, the Rain Bird sprinklers were magical!

I watched him become completely soaked and perfectly thrilled in 60 seconds! I concluded that, to him, they were one of life’s greatest gifts, a pleasure to be relished and enjoyed. And, enjoy he did.

After Landon ran onto the grass, he sat down and removed his shoes and socks. There was more to feel than just water from the sprinklers; he wanted to touch the damp, green Kentucky Blue Grass with his feet. He wanted a bath with the Rain Birds, which didn’t mind his boisterous intrusion onto their domain.  

“Birds!” he cried out with exuberance. 

He giggled, danced with the Rain Birds, and brought noon-day-sun back to the 8 p.m. hour. He conveyed something else to me as well.

I didn’t need to look at any clock to know exactly what the time was. It was a time I will never forget.

It was the time when Landon taught me that there can be wonder, beauty and magnificence in our lives, if we will simply stop to make the mundane — magical!

Lynn Butterfield lives in Erda and is a managing broker for a real estate company.

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