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January 28, 2016
A look at the top news stories from years ago

Editor’s note: Front-Page Flashback is a new weekly column compiled by the Tooele Transcript Bulletin’s newsroom that highlights news stories in Tooele County from 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago.

The Tooele Transcript Bulletin has published Tooele County community news since 1894. Readers may find Tooele County news from 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago informative and enlightening.

25 years ago: Jan. 29 and 31, 1991

The Bureau of Land Management proposed enforcing more strictly the off-highway vehicle driving in Tooele County. In addition, bombings in Israel and Saudi Arabia by Iraq’s Saddam Hussein inspired Tooele County officials to plan an emergency shelter management training course for residents.

That same week, a story noted the winter of 1990-91 was the coldest on record since 1933. Also, 250 Rush Valley residents protested a request by Tooele City to pipe water from Vernon to Tooele Valley to accommodate future growth.

50 years ago: Jan. 25 and 28, 1966

Harvey Wright, a member of Tooele City Council and a construction company foreman, discovered the city incorrectly billed a contractor that helped repave Main Street. The city engineer promised to correct the mistakes.

Later that week, the Tooele County School District received $64,000 in federal grants “to improve teaching facilities this year.” In addition, U.S. Forest Service Rangers Burt Rouse and Allen Graft planned to measure the snow depth in the South Willow area near Deseret Peak to see if there was enough snow to support a ski resort there.

75 years ago: Jan. 28 and 31, 1941

The Tooele County sheriff, along with officers from the state liquor commission, arrested 43 people at the Razzle-Dazzle Outside Inn, northeast of Tooele. Of the 43 arrested, 32 were under the age of 21. The county planned to file charges against the inn’s owner and the 32 underage drinkers.

About the same time, tunnel drillers in Elton opened up an additional 600-gallon flow of water, bringing the aggregate flow up to 4,500 gallons per minute at the tunnel’s mouth.

Also, the Tooele County Selective Service Board received a call for 20 military draftees to report in mid-February for service. According to Britannica Encyclopedia, Congress passed legislation in 1940 that required all males age 21 to 36 to register with the Selective Service System — the first peacetime draft in U.S. history.

100 years ago: Jan. 31, 1916

Reporters wrote about the history of leap year proposals, or the custom that allows women to propose to men during leap year. The rest of the front page was filled with one-sentence world news items, such as “Russian petroleum producers are experiencing much inconvenience from a scarcity of steel wire rope,” and “The germ of smallpox, discovered by a German scientist, is so small that it passes through the most minute filters.”

Jessica Henrie compiled this report.

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