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image The first bite of wedding cake, an American tradition.

August 6, 2020
A pandemic wedding

It’s not every day that we have a serious national pandemic. Whether or not you’re a person who loves wearing your mask everywhere, or an avid “anti-masker”, you have to admit that the pandemic has caused you some issues.

My issue? Well, my issue was planning the coolest (obvious), wedding during the pandemic. At first, my new husband Christian and I weren’t going to go through with the wedding because of the seriousness of the pandemic but our way over budget, but a beautiful venue wouldn’t have refunded us the money. I honestly don’t blame them because they have to keep their small business going and just survive — like the rest of us.

When May rolled around, my then fiancé and I had a serious talk about what to do. We decided to just go through with it and cut our guest list way down, —goodbye second cousin’s plus one. Up to this point in time, we hadn’t planned anything. So, I began speed planning.

My speed planning involved waking up at the literal crack of dawn, chugging a monster energy drink, or several — whoops, and ordering cute pink and silver décor from Amazon. My husband did not understand the whole idea of “décor” and said that planning a wedding during a pandemic was hard enough, why did we need little bows to tie around the chairs? Anyway, I continued to order the cute décor because it’s a necessity for a wedding, — obviously.

After I spent a couple hours each day browsing through Amazon, it was time to work. After I completed my work for the day, Christian would come over to my house and I would send him on necessary errands for the wedding, trying to combine as much as possible to reduce trips — don’t worry, he always wears his mask to the store.

After he arrived back from the store, I would make him help me with some silly DIY décor project because we were on a limited budget.

This continued for over two months until the day of the wedding came. I will spare you all the other boring details.

On the wedding day, I woke up early and apprehensive of what the day would hold. My dad came over and we loaded up his truck and my car with all of the décor, my wedding dress and accessories, and many, and I mean many hand sanitizers with cute pink bows tied around them, along with masks for people to put on when they arrived at the venue.

When we arrived at the venue, I was in full bridezilla mode — I’m not even sorry but I did apologize to everyone after when we were cleaning up. I quickly handed all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen boxes of décor and instructed them to set it up while running around like a chicken with my head cut off, literally.

I had to go get ready for my big day too soon. The next thing I knew, my pastor, who was marrying us, was banging on the door asking me why I was not downstairs ready to go, because it was past 5 p.m.— our scheduled time to be ready.

I quickly threw on my dress and screamed at my bridesmaids, who weren’t ready yet to hurry up. 10 minutes later, we were ready — I guess—  and I zoomed down the stairs. It was time to walk down the aisle.

Our song that I was walking down the aisle to came on and the bridal party walked down ahead of me, followed by our ring bearer and flower girl. It was hard to hear our song from where I was hiding and my dad literally would not quit talking. When it was our time to go, I drug my dad down the aisle.

While walking down the aisle, I tripped on a lantern that was placed too far out and it was a real embarrassment but when I arrived at the end of the aisle and Christian took my hand, that was it.

 I didn’t care about the décor. I didn’t care that my dad wouldn’t be quiet and we probably walked during the wrong part of the song. I didn’t even care that I had tripped walking down the aisle. All I cared about was marrying this man and how blessed I was to do so. Even though he didn’t like all of my cute décor, I still love him. I mean he was balling his eyes out the entire ceremony, so that didn’t hurt. I’m just kidding but, in all seriousness, it was perfect and everything I expected my big day to be, in spite of the pandemic. 

Even with the social distancing, reduced guest list, no hugs, masks in pictures, and the smell of hand sanitizer in the air, it was a lovely day and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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