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June 23, 2015
A solution to vote by mail renewal

Permanent By-Mail voters usually get a letter in the mail at the beginning of each year. The notice lists upcoming elections for that year and asks if the voter wants to continue to vote by mail.

To continue receiving ballots in the mail, the voter must sign the form and return it to the Tooele County Clerk’s Office. Unfortunately, many voters forget to send the form back in, therefore they do not receive their by-mail ballot and don’t realize it until election day. We have a solution for this problem!

Last weekend, Permanent By-Mail voters received a postcard informing them that they are on the county’s Permanent Vote By-Mail List. Voters will be kept on the list and will receive all ballots for which they are eligible to vote until they ask to be taken off the list. There is no requirement to send anything back or contact my office, unless you need to update your address.

If you have your Primary ballot sent to one address and your General Election ballot sent to another address (snowbirds), please call 435-843-3143 or email ( your information to my office.  Hopefully this will make things easier for you to receive your ballot by mail.

This change pertains to those who have chosen to be a Permanent By-Mail voter. It does not include those whose entire precinct automatically votes by mail.

Candidate filing for Municipal Entities and Special Service Districts ended June 8. There are a number of candidates who have thrown their hat into the ring:

Tooele City – 3 council seats: Gary Marsing, Dave McCall, Brad Pratt, Steve Pruden, Jay E. Collier

Grantsville City  –  3 council seats: Jewel Allen, Krista Sparks, Scott Stice, James Christensen, Neil A. Critchlow, Michael L. Tate, Jaime Topham

Town of Ophir – 2 council seats: Milton R. Adams, Max E. Degelbeck, Gary Vario

Town of Rush Valley – 2 council seats: Pete Albrecht, Dana D. Gardner

Town of Stockton – 2 council seats: Nando Meli, Jr., Joseph M. Johnston, Thomas (KJ) Karjola, George B. Carter, Judy A. Bori

Town of Vernon – 3 council seats: John Olson

Lake Point Improvement District – 2 board positions: Braden Morris, Robert Frank Jr., Keith Fryer

Stansbury Recreation Service Agency – 1 board position: Leslie Wanlass, Glenn G. Oscarson

Stansbury Greenbelt Service Agency – 1 board position: Michael J. Hansen, Neil Smart, Scott Totman

Stansbury Park Improvement District – 1 board position: Vernal Clark Ogden

North Tooele Fire District – 3 board positions: Kenneth P. Aldridge, Isaac Astill, Kevin C. Astill, Rick Pollock, Bryan P. Larsen, Michael P. Frieden, Lance J. Davis

For candidate contact information please follow this link:


Marilyn Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk/Auditor

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