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December 22, 2011
A Toad-ally Awesome Christmas

by Weston Thomsen

Stansbury Park

Every year in Toad World, all of the toads gather for Toad’s Christmas party. They have treats, drinks, a jumping contest, dancing and other awesome stuff.

One year it was the first of December and they needed to get the party ready (the party is so big that you need like 23 days to get it ready). So, they got to work. They hung the Christmas lights, got the treats ready and got the drinks ready. Everything was ready except for the huge gingerbread house. They had everything to make it except for the gingerbread.

Soon it was Dec. 20, so they really needed to hurry. They had to do something, so they came up with an idea. They went to Mr. Toad’s house (which was a really jolly house). He opened the door and said, “Hello! What can I do for you guys?”

They asked him to go to Mt. Ginger to get some ginger bread. He said he would do it. So they brought him to the ginger car, which had a huge tube that can suck up the ginger. They showed him how it worked and sent him on his mission. When he was about a quarter up Mt. Ginger, he saw a big, huge ginger monster. It gobbled the ginger car and asked, “Who dares go on my mountain?”

Mr. Toad explained how he needed to get some ginger bread and the monster said he would give his ginger bread. Mr. Toad got the ginger, then went down the hill and brought it back to town. They cheered for him and started the party.

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