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March 6, 2018
A ‘true’ team

I would like to express my appreciation to Crystal Anderson, who has served for almost three years as the office manager/treasurer for the Town of Stockton. I reluctantly resigned as Stockton’s mayor in January 2018 due to health reasons. I was fortunate to have worked with Crystal during her entire tenure as office manager/treasurer, and can, without hesitation, tell you that she has been one of the greatest assets that the town has been lucky to have had.

Crystal is resigning in March in order to spend more time with her family, and I did not want her to leave without acknowledging and letting the residents of the Town of Stockton know that her service has been tremendous. She was instrumental in streamlining all of the administration’s procedures, which made our operations more efficient. She spent countless hours assisting in the remodeling/upgrading of our Town Hall. Additionally, she went through numerous inspections and audits with flying colors. Also, she was instrumental in making the employees for the Town of Stockton a “true” team.

Although no one is irreplaceable, it will be difficult for Stockton to find anyone more dedicated, intelligent, willing to go the extra mile in everything that she did, and work at the speed of light. I know without a doubt that she will truly be missed. Crystal’s hard work, dedication and support have made a huge impact on the most wonderful small town in the State of Utah.

Mark Whitney


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