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January 23, 2018
Above reproach

I am writing in response to a letter to the editor written last Tuesday, in which the writer, a non Tooele City resident, attempted to point out a character flaw, in his opinion, in the person of our recently retired Mayor Patrick Dunlavy. As the elected official of Tooele City who spent the most time at Mayor Dunlavy’s side, I was personal witness to many of the incidents alleged and have a different opinion.

A mayor’s job is layered with so many issues and responsibilities that most people don’t ever see or realize how complex the job truly is. I have always viewed Mayor Dunlavy as a man above reproach. I can say that his decisions were always in the best interest of Tooele City citizens because that is whom he worked for. All Tooele City residents benefited from his expertise and wisdom. It is true that once in a while people were dissatisfied with decisions made by Mayor Dunlavy’s administration. However, I can attest the decisions made were made for the benefit of the City as a whole, which is exactly what a good administrator does.

One’s opinion of a person should not be determined by a single decision, but rather by what decisions were made that positively influenced the community collectively. I assure all Tooele City citizens that that is what occurred during the recently concluded administration of Mayor Patrick Dunlavy — my friend and mentor.

Steven C. Pruden

Tooele City Council chairman

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