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February 4, 2014
Accept modern change

The Tooele County Commissioners should be commended — especially Shawn Milne! Not only have they saved Tooele County from the brink of disaster, they have put a plan in place to ensure the County’s solvency for the future. The consolidation of four “non-essential” County offices was and should be considered a step in restoring the public’s trust.

In the last 18 months the commissioners have made tough decisions nobody enjoys making. I am guessing these decisions were never personal and merely based on sound business practices. However, it appears this last round of “fat trimming” has turned completely personal for everyone involved but the commissioners. Why did nobody complain when critical offices like the Sheriffs, Attorney, and Roads, which are offices that directly affect public safety, lose numerous employees?

I think after losing one employee in the clerk/auditor office it might be OK if that marriage license has to wait an extra day before it gets processed. And hopefully the current clerk has sufficiently trained her deputy clerks to run an election, which largely depends on volunteers anyway. Furthermore, why would we continue to employ an auditor that somehow managed to lose track of millions of dollars in rainy day fund money? But at least we have the indoor horse arenas and wild horse festivals to show for it.

I invite all “deep rooted” Tooele County citizens to join the 21st century and ditch the “good old boy” way of thinking.  Tooele County will never gain the respect it deserves if we continue to listen to fools who attempt to summons  thugs from the dead and refuse to accept modern change.

Matt Shields

Stansbury Park

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