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July 23, 2013
Adams side-wheelies for another world record

But this time, he takes a passenger along 

No one likes a broken record — except for Daniel Adams.

The 22-year-old Grantsville man, who broke one Guinness World Record last fall, made a run at breaking a second record last weekend.

In October, he rode a 4-wheeler on a side-wheelie for 16.88 miles to secure the record for longest individual ATV side-wheelie. On Friday, in the flats to the west of Stansbury Island, he tried a similar stunt, but this time had a passenger — his 13-year-old nephew, Jaxon Luttrell — in tow for the longest tandem ATV side-wheelie.

The record to beat was 3.29 miles, set by Maryland resident Travis Pastrana in  Nov. 2008 at Miller Motorsports Park as part of the MTV show, “Nitro Circus.”

On Adams’ first run, he hit a bump after going for a little more than 11 minutes and toppled back onto four wheels. According to initial mileage provided by surveyors by Benchmark Engineering & Land Surveying LLC, who trailed Adams as part of the verification process, Adams and Luttrell went 3.8 miles, breaking the record by just more than a half mile.

But the afternoon was young, and Adams and Luttrell decided to try again for a longer distance. Adams said his goal was to go at least seven miles, but wanted to go for a minimum of four miles. After nearly 21 minutes on the cracked mud flats, Adams set the ATV, on loan from Steadman’s Recreation, down.

The preliminary distance measured was 7.7 miles — more than double his original breaking of the record.

“We beat the record and then we beat our own record, so we broke two records today,” said Adams.

That distance will need to be verified by Benchmark, and that official distance, which was mapped by GPS by surveyors as they followed exactly in Adams’ track, will be submitted to Guinness World Records for review.

Dale Bennett, owner of the Sandy-based Benchmark, said tracking Adams’ distance was certainly one of the most unusual jobs the civil engineering firm has had.

“Sometimes we’ll map roads and that, but as far as a world record, this is a first,” he said.

Along with the official distance, Adams has to submit witness statements, still photos and a video of the attempt, taken by his wife, Amber, who rode behind him in a utility vehicle that was also loaned by Steadman’s. The time between Adams’ last attempt and his notification of approval from Guinness was a little over seven months.

Adams said Luttrell’s added weight on the back of the ATV made keeping balance on two wheels a little more difficult than doing so by himself, but in many ways this attempt was easier — the flats were less muddy than last fall, and the whole run took less time than his October record-breaking ride. Luttrell said he was excited to help his uncle, even though his job of staying very still on the back of the ATV made him a little stiff afterwards.

“It hurt my back a little,” Luttrell said. “I’d just be like, ‘I’m about to beat a world record, I’m about to beat a world record, I’m about to beat a world record.’”

While Adams is waiting to hear back from Guinness about whether this attempt is accepted to be a new world record, he is already planning his next attempt for a different record — fastest ATV side-wheelie, which is currently set at 47 mph by Pastrana in Nov. 2008. Pastrana also held the longest ATV side-wheelie at 13.85 miles before Adams broke it.

“I want to have three world-record certificates,” Adams said. “Right in a row on the wall.”

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