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October 27, 2020
Adobe Rock Ranch Prop #2 needs a “No” vote

My Name is Ryan and I am a Lake Point resident, a Lake Point Park District board member, and a sponsor of Vote Against Prop 2.

Undoubtedly you have seen a mailer, a yard sign, a billboard, or a social media ad from the Corporation of Kennecott asking you to vote yes regarding their development rezone, which when voting “yes” includes supporting their development agreement of what is required by them and paid for by them.

Obviously as sponsors we cannot compete with that amount of money to advertise and gain support for our concerns regarding this specific development, so we submit our request and plea that you vote against Prop 2 and this rezone to help us, the new County Council, and other entities involved to go back to the table with the developer and get critical changes made to the development agreement prior to the rezone and prior to the development agreement being finalized.

Following the approval of the rezone and the development agreement in 2018, I have been part of several in person meetings with Kennecott and community members, one-on-one meetings, phone conferences, and email exchanges with Kennecott in which I and others have tried to work with the developer to help encourage more responsible growth and to help get needed infrastructure items paid for by the developer, which was ultimately unsuccessful.  

During these meetings and based on the responses from the developer not willing to work on desired changes, this led me to the decision to vote against this Prop 2 zoning change.

As a board member of one of the entities that this developer should work with, I came to the conclusion that the current rezone and development plan does not require the developer in written agreement  to pay for necessary infrastructure, such as public parks, sewer, water, roads, etc. and be responsible for other impacts since they are not required in writing. 

As a community member and park district board member I have seen plans presented for this development and after studying the plans, along with others I asked the developer to provide specifics related to parks and open spaces, to consider new locations of the 3-6 story building and the highest density, to alleviate the water, sewer and road infrastructure concerns. During this time, we noted that many items exist in Kennecott’s planned community that have only been verbally promised, but are not required by the agreement.

When asked for certain requirements and needs to be placed in writing and to work together on these, the developer did not commit to this. As we continued to work on this and review other items, we developed many unanswered concerns about the agreement and the scope of the development. As a member of one of the entities that this developer should work with, I came to the conclusion that the current plan does not require the developer to pay for necessary infrastructure, such as public parks, sewer, water, roads, etc. and be responsible for other impacts their development will have on the community since they are not required in writing. 

If we vote against Prop 2 now, this will allow future discussions and plans to have entities like the park, sewer, and water districts, our new five member County Council, community members and organizations, and others at the table and in discussion prior to any rezone and any development agreement being made. 

All aspects of this development and how it will affect the community and the county must be studied prior to approval of a development agreement and building. This has not been done, and we need to have traffic studies, road plans, water studies, etc. to make informed and wise decisions.

Ultimately a referendum was necessary, because we need to start over on this project and have fresh eyes and perspective on how to responsibly grow. Even part of our current commission signed the referendum petition to give us a voice and vote against this rezone to have a better plan and written agreement made.

We feel that now is the only time we can make changes and it is necessary for all of us to vote against Prop 2, and this rezone and in doing so this will force the developer to come back to the county and other entities involved and impacted and come to a new and better written agreement and a better plan for responsible growth, necessary studies completed and requirements of infrastructure paid for by the developer. 

Unfortunately this rezone and planned community as it is now, led to a written development agreement with Kennecott and the County signed in 2018 which does not require what is needed and paid for by the development and developer. As a member of one of the entities in Lake Point and as a resident  that has not been able to get needed changes put in the agreement, it is clear we have no choice but to vote against Prop 2 rezone and hit the reset button to void the development agreement to make sure we can secure requirements for paid infrastructure and make sure that we are growing in a responsible way.

Thank you for your support, your voice and your vote against Prop 2

Ryan Zumwalt

Lake Point

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