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November 21, 2019
After recount, Graf is still the winner

In narrow race, Tony Graf wins seat on Tooele City Council by 3 votes over incumbent Dave McCall 

Graf 2 11-21-19It’s over — again.

A recount of ballots cast on Nov. 5 has confirmed that the winner of the third seat on Tooele City Council is Tony Graf.

The results of the recount were announced at Wednesday night’s Tooele City Council meeting.

The results of the recount put Graf at 2,249 votes with the next nearest candidate, incumbent Dave McCall, at 2,246.

In the City Council race, voters had six candidates to choose from and the top three vote getters won a seat on the council.

At the close of ballot counting on election eve, McCall held a seven vote lead over Graf for the third slot on the city council.

The count was 2,226 for McCall and 2,219 for Graf. 

After additional mail in ballots and provisional ballots were counted on Nov. 7, McCall’s victory margin shrunk to one vote with him at 2,243 and Graf at 2,242.

The initial final vote count, approved Monday morning, put Graf ahead of McCall by one vote — 2,247 to 2,246.

McCall requested a recount, which started at the Tooele County Clerk’s office at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

Although this was a municipal election, the municipalities contracted with the county clerk’s office to conduct the elections.

Clerk’s office employees ran the entire batch of 12,701 ballots through their scanning machine and processed them through the election software machine.

The ballots were stored in batches of 50 in ten Banker Boxes.

Tooele City Recorder Michelle Pitt and a representative of Tony Graf witnessed the recount process.

When all was done, the new report showed Wayne Anderton picked up one additional vote, Tony Graff picked up two votes, Jon Gossett lost one vote, and Justin Brady, Dave McCall and and Ed Hansen’s vote stayed the same.

Graf was declared a winner of the race with McCall trailing by three votes in fourth place

Heralded in news stories as the first African-American elected to the Tooele City Council, McCall was first elected in November 2007.

In 1980, McCall joined the Marine Corps and spent most of his adult life in the military. He traveled to Japan and Europe, and served in Operation Desert Storm before coming to Tooele. When he arrived here, Tooele was just another posting. But over time that changed.

At the time of his first election to the City Council, McCall said, “I wouldn’t say it’s groundbreaking. I’ve met a lot of really good people here and the fact that I am who I am hasn’t played a part [in how I’ve been treated]. They’ve respected me for me.”

According to Graf’s biography on his campaign Facebook page, he had lived in Tooele County for 20 years.

Graf currently serves as chairman of the Tooele City Planning Commission, which meets twice a month to address planning and zoning issues for Tooele.

He graduated with an Associates of Arts degree from Salt Lake Community College, a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the University of Utah, a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Weber State University and a Juris Doctor from the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah.

After law school, Graf began a legal career as a special assistant United States Attorney in Washington, D.C. He later served as a Deputy District Attorney in Lincoln County, Nevada, and as an Assistant Attorney General in Pago Pago, American Samoa. He currently serves as a Deputy District Attorney in the special victims unit for Salt Lake County.

Graf may be the first Hispanic member elected to the Tooele City Council. His mother immigrated to the US as a child from Mexico.


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