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December 7, 2021
Against the referendum

As a long time Erda and Tooele County resident I feel the need to publicly come out in opposition to the proposed referendum filed against the Oquirrh Point Development.

I believe strongly that the Tooele County Council has done a good job in working with the developers to get our entire community the best deal possible. 

The current master development agreement calls for $3 million in spending by the developers for the adding onto public roads, donation of 10 acres to the Tooele County School District, and an offer of 3 acres for the building of a new city hall for Erda City. This is all in writing and cannot be breached.

If the referendum achieves its goal, the Oquirrh Development will be dropped and a new development of 1,100 rental units will take its place. The new plan leaves no room for open space, agricultural preservation, moderate income housing, or sewer infrastructure and protection aquifer. It’s a bad deal for all of Tooele County tax payers.

If the referendum moves forward Tooele County taxpayers will be responsible for covering the $3 million no longer provided by the developers of Oquirrh Point.

I agree we need to look at all future development with a critical eye. We must choose to build wisely and in a way that sustains our counties resources. I am confident after careful study that the Oquirrh Development achieves those goals.

I encourage fellow residents to respectfully decline when asked to sign the referendum when approached.


Lorri Witkowski



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