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February 27, 2014
Already registered to vote? You can still protect your information

Important legislation: There is a great bill at the legislature that I’d like to draw your attention to. Previously I had told you that companies have purchased the voter list from the Lt. Governor’s Office and put the information on the Internet for sale. Everything but your driver license number and social security number are public information.

There have been a number of bills that have tried to address this issue; however, I believe this is the best one. Rep. Rebecca Edward’s bill (HB302) gives you the right to mark on your voter registration form that you want your information protected. This means all of your information is protected from being sold or given to anyone. Your name will only show up on the official register during elections.

If you have already registered to vote, you can still protect your information. Call my office at 435-843-3140 or email me at and ask to have your information protected. Please contact your legislator and ask them to support HB302. Their contact information can be located at

County caucus meetings: Party caucus meetings are coming soon. The Republican and Constitution Caucuses will be held March 20 and the Democratic Caucus will be held March 18.

Candidates will be looking for voters from within their party to serve as delegates for them. If you want to serve as a Republican delegate, you must affiliate with the Republican Party. You will be able to affiliate at the caucus meetings. Each precinct has a limited number of delegates that can vote for their precinct.

At the Tooele County Conventions (Republican Party April 18, Democratic Party April 3, and Constitution Party April 12), each delegate will vote for the candidates they think will do the best job for each of the open offices. If a candidate receives a certain percentage of the vote (it differs by party) they will have won their party nomination and won’t have to participate in the primary. It’s a lot of work for the candidates, but really brings the voting process to the grassroots level. If you’re interested in serving as a delegate, make it easy on your candidate and contact them first!

Count My Vote petitions: There is a statewide petition being circulated to do away with the above described caucus system. Perhaps you have been approached by someone wanting you to sign the petition. The idea is to require a primary for every general election (Municipal and District elections are not included).

Some people like the caucus system because they feel more people get involved. If you become a delegate, you have the opportunity to talk to each of the candidates before you decide who you want to vote for. The “Count My Vote” supporter’s feel the caucus system limits the number of voters who decide what candidates move forward to the General Election.

In order for your signature on the petition to count, you must be a registered voter. Workers that take the petition around will also have voter registration forms to help you register. If you have any questions, please contact my office at 435-843-3148 or send email to:


Marilyn K. Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk

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