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April 18, 2019
Amended land use and zoning map approved by Tooele City

After making some notable changes to the city’s multi-family residential zoning districts in March, the Tooele City Council officially changed the city’s land use and zoning maps to reflect the changes. 

At its March 20 meeting, the City Council passed an ordinance that created, in-part, a third multi-family zone, while reclassifying the high-density residential and medium-density residential zones. The ordinance transitioned medium density residential zoning to MR-8 and high density residential to MR-16.

The residential zones changed to MR-8 and MR-16 did not increase the density allowed on the property. The creation of the MR-25 zone, however, would permit apartments, condominiums, townhomes and other high-density housing uses and prohibit single-family and two-family dwellings. 

As indicated by the numbers associated with them, MR-8 permits a maximum of 8 residential units per acre, MR-16 permits a maximum of 16 residential units per acre and MR-25 permits 25 residential units per acre. 

MR-25 also allows a smaller minimum dwelling unit size, at 750 square feet for a single-story dwelling and 1,000 square feet for a two-story dwelling. The next smallest zoning designation, MR-16, permits units as small as 800 square feet for a single-story dwelling and 1,100 square feet for a two-story dwelling. 

After approving the changes to the zoning designations, the City Council needed to apply the new designations to the general plan land use map and zoning map, according to Jim Bolser, the city’s community development director.

As MR-8 and MR-16 replace the medium-density residential zone and high-density residential zones, the parcels zoned would be renamed accordingly. 

Bolser also presented three properties near 300 E. 1000 North, 800 N. 100 East, and 350 W. 400 North that were recommended for amendment by the city’s planning commission. 

The suggested parcels near 400 North included a parcel by Dow James Park already rezoned to high density residential, the adjacent trailer park and the Landmark Apartments. The planning commission recommended changing the adjacent parcels to the MR-16 designation as the trailer park and apartment buildings were non-conforming in their current single-family zoning. 

For the 100 East parcels, immediately south of Scholar Academy, it includes the existing Lakeview Apartments, which were in a commercial zone, and property adjacent to the apartment buildings under construction in the area. The planning commission recommended the new MR-25 zoning for the properties in question. 

The recommended parcels along 1000 North would have been split between high-density residential and medium-density residential, to be assigned the MR-25 and MR-8 zones, respectively. While the redesignation was recommended by the planning commission, Councilman Scott Wardle suggested pushing off any change to the properties until there was development pressure on the parcels. 

The City Council unanimously approved the changes to the general plan land use map and zoning map, including the amendments on 100 East and 400 North, on separate motions by Wardle and seconded by Councilman Brad Pratt.


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