Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

March 15, 2023
An idea

I have an idea that may help with the overdue bills for school lunches and the many complaints that have already started about new potholes in our streets. How about paying to have the potholes repaired and the overdue lunch bills caught up by collecting back fees on the many many vehicles on the roads with expired registrations? I see these serious offenses on a daily basis. Some are a month, a couple months, maybe a year, but the other day, I noticed a vehicle on the road that had an expired registration from June of 2020. Some use the excuse of the one year that registration notices went out via email and they ‘missed them.’ Let’s be responsible for, and monitor ourselves. Come on, we can all take a peek at our stickers once in a while and stay current. Our lights, heat, and water can get turned off due to non payment. Why not lose driving privileges?

Diane Hernandez


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