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July 25, 2017
An open letter to President Donald Trump

Dear President Trump:

I first want to congratulate you on your triumph in the 2016 election. It was a win not only for you and your campaign, but I believe it was and is a win for the people of this great nation — even for those who do not care for you, and may never admit as to the good you have done and will do.

I want to encourage you, Mr. President, as you are in the thick of a fight unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime. I realize that many Democrats and Republican establishment politicians did not care for President Reagan, whom I admired greatly, but I don’t believe that even he was opposed in the open and disgusting manner that you have been. So as you have begun, I encourage you to continue to persevere.

I want to further encourage you, because I don’t believe that any of the other candidates could have held their own and stayed the course with the constant barrage of insults, lies, and obstructionism you have had to endure, and that I fear you will need to continue to endure. Make no mistake, Sir: This is a battle for the freedom of this great nation. If the likes of Hillary Clinton had been able to continue the intentional hurt to our nation that began under Barrack Obama, the damage may have been so great that we might not have been able to recover.

I firmly believe you have been raised up for just such a time as this. Our nation is at a possible turning point in its history. Do we follow the way of establishment elites who believe they rule because we are not capable of self rule? Do we follow the way of Bernie Sanders and socialist globalism? Do we strive to move back to a path set out by our Founding Fathers who believed that “We the people” do have more than a modicum of common sense, and do desire a nation where people are free to pursue life, liberty and happiness?

As you, I also believe our nation should remain sovereign and make its own decisions, and like you, I believe that those decisions will often benefit other nations in the world. Thank you for not giving in to those who would press you toward bowing to the globalist hopes of the supposed elites in Brussels.

Thank you for staying the course in regards to your obvious passion for the safety and security of our nation, even in the face of continuous disrespect on the part of activist judges. Clearly, the U.S. Supreme Court has said you have the right and authority to watch out for the safety of our nation. But again, I must encourage you to be aware of that which you already know too well: activist judges will continue to seek ways to undermine your efforts. I do not know if it is possible to remove those who show themselves to be a clear and present danger to the safety of our nation through a contemptible disregard for the laws of our land, but if it is, I would certainly consider such action.

Mr. President, I have already gone on long enough, but I will risk a closing thought or two: you have already done a great service to our nation in that you have given many of us hope as to the future of our nation, but I fear we must ask more of you. The battle has truly only just begun. For so long many good people have been silent, and the forces that would make our nation impotent believe that with continued resistance and obstruction that those who seek good for our nation will give up and go back to being silent.

I pray they are wrong. I believe you are a lightning rod, not for change as much as for restoration. We can once again be a strong nation that by its very presence gives strength to other nations who desire freedom and national sovereignty. We have been and can continue to be a nation that allows people to seek their dreams, and allows them to keep the rewards of achieving those dreams.

I believe that, more than ever, we can be a nation of religious freedom, not just for the current majority religion of Christianity, but for all who seek to worship God as they believe is appropriate, without taking away the freedom of worship from others.

I am truly sorry for the lies and filth you, your family, your associates, and your supporters have had to endure, but this is a fight for life, liberty and true freedom.

May God richly bless you, your loved ones, and your efforts.

Jon McCartney is a Tooele resident and pastor of First Baptist Church of Tooele.

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