Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

September 8, 2020
Animal limits

Once again Tooele County Commissioners are trying to limit the number of animals that citizens of unincorporated Tooele County can have on their property.

Apparently they don’t remember the anger they caused the last time. This time it will definitely be worse. 

I would encourage them to focus on limits on subdivisions, building permits and gravel pits. Livestock do not commit crimes, they do not add to the local drug problem, they do not congest Highway 36, they do not put a burden on our water supplies, they do not cause air pollution, they do not overburden our emergency services, they do not require new schools to be built, they do not require local taxes to be raised, they do not start fires — they actually decrease the chance of having a fire.

Animals increase quality of life not just for their owners, but others as well.

Over population decreases quality life.

What has happened to good old common sense?

Joe Roundy


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