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July 21, 2020
Animal rights article biased

This message is in regards to the animal rights article that Tim Gillie wrote in the last issue. I have lived in the same home for 26 years. We have raised animals and participated in 4-H throughout those years. Our neighborhood was a place anyone would want to live in. Having a family barbecue,  a neighborhood party in the summer was never an issue, until one inconsiderate irresponsible resident put 100+ large animals on his property — he has approximately 65 -68 animals now. Things changed drastically, the parties and barbecue’s had to be held inside. Some families have built outdoor buildings on their properties to host a party which was not an issue 4 or 5 years ago, you do the math. We are held hostage in our own homes, and if Tim can not understand why, then he is very naive. 

I would hope that an article written in this paper would express fairness without bias.

Sydnee Stowe.


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