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December 5, 2019
Annual pay for county’s elected officials, deputies set for increase

As the Tooele County Commission prepares to approve its 2020 budget, the resolution that establishes the salary for elected county officers and their deputies shows a 3.4% increase over their 2019 salary.

The increase includes a 2.4% cost-of-living increase and a 1% merit increase that all county employees get based on their years of service with the county, according to Tooele County Auditor Alison McCoy.

“The intent is to give the county officers the same increase as all other county employees,” McCoy said. 

The County Commission held the first reading and a public hearing on a resolution setting the salaries of Tooele County officers for the 2020 fiscal year at its meeting Tuesday night in the County Building.

The proposed annualized salary for 2020 for county commissioners, the county assessor, auditor, clerk, recorder/surveyor, and treasurer is $95,031.

Resolution 2018-20, as found on the County Clerk’s website, sets the 2019 annualized salary for these positions at $91,885. The $3,146 increase over the 2020 resolution works out to a 3.4% increase.

The county attorney’s proposed 2020 annualized salary is $125,518. The 2020 proposed salary for the justice court judge is $125,845. The county sheriff’s proposed 2020 salary is $98,502. 

All three proposed 2020 salaries are 3.4% over the annualized salary adopted for those positions in resolution 2018-20, which was adopted with the 2019 county budget in December 2018..

The salary resolution also establishes the salary for elected officials’ chief deputies. 

The 2020 proposed salaries for chief deputies is also 3.4% ahead of their adopted 2019 annualized salary.

The annual salary for the chief deputy assessor, auditor, clerk, recorder/surveyor, and treasurer for 2020 is set at $66,251 in the resolution. The chief deputy attorney’s salary is set at $115,882 and the chief deputy sheriff’s salary will be $87,662.

The County Commission publicized and held a public hearing on the proposed salary increases for elected officials during its meeting on Tuesday night. Nobody spoke during the public hearing.

This was the first reading for the salary setting resolution. The County Commission expects to hold a second reading of the resolution prior to a vote at its Dec. 17 meeting, according to County Commission Chairman Tom Tripp.

This is the last year that the county budget will include a paid full-time County Commission. The voter approved change in county government calls for a five-member part-time county council effective January 2021.

The forms of government study committee recommended an annual stipend of between $20,000 and $25,000 and no benefits for county council members.

Using a $90,000 annual salary for the county commission with an estimated $30,000 in benefits for each commissioner, a $24,000 annual stipend for county council members, and $120,000 annual salary for a county manager with $40,000 in benefits, the study committee projected an annual $300,000 cost for the five-member county council/manager form of government compared to an annual cost of $360,000 for the three-member commission.


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