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June 25, 2015
Apparently I picked a busy time to go on a two-week vacation

There are definitely some awesome benefits of leaving your phone at home when you go on vacation — don’t have to talk to your boss, not being tied to a charging cable, etc.

But I’ve also felt a little bit of a drawback as I’ve walked out of the daze that accompanied the overload of information when I turned my phone on after my two-week vacation. Let me just give you my take on some of the old-news-to-you-guys things I missed.

NBA Finals

When I left for Scotland nearly three weeks ago, I was disenchanted with the NBA playoffs. We all knew it was going to be a showdown between King James and the Splash Brothers from the beginning of the season, and Game 1’s overtime bout had me wondering if the NBA wasn’t rigged anyway — which it’s definitely not, by the way. Probably.

Anyway, I can’t say I’m necessarily surprised Cleveland lost the final in six games. Ohio sports seem to all be cursed. But y’know, good for Golden State. Good for the Bay Area. It’s been a while since Oakland had some sports bragging rights too.

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Becoming disenchanted with the NBA’s seemingly scripted game storylines about LeBron James the past however many years has started to push me toward watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs — which, by the way, if you want to watch sports at their best, you absolutely need to watch the quest for Lord Stanley’s cup.

Flying back from Scotland last weekend, we had a three-hour layover in Chicago. Honestly, I think the only reason I didn’t see more flipped cars and riot fires is because O’Hare is more than 15 miles away from the United Center.

Women’s World Cup

It’s that time again, for many Americans to pretend like they know what they’re talking about. Of course I’m referring to a global soccer competition, this time specifically referring to the US women’s soccer team in the Women’s World Cup.

Well, looks like the Americans are doing well this year, fresh off a 2-nil win over Columbia in the round of 16 and will face China — the country that lost to the Americans on Brandi Chastain’s 1999 penalty kick — in the quarterfinals on Friday.

U.S. Open

As happy as I am for Jordan Spieth to become the sixth golfer ever to win the US Open and the Masters in the same year, I feel bad for Dustin Johnson. Johnson was putting on the final hole for a chance to win and then force a playoff, but the poor guy just plain choked on both of those missed putts from less than 12 feet away. But hey, good for Spieth, way to be mentioned in the same sentence as some of the best golfers in history.

Mad Max

Washington pitcher Max Scherzer was a strike away from a perfect game Saturday before he hit Pittsburgh’s Jose Tabata with a pitch in what ended up as a 6-0 no-hitter. There was a lot of talk about whether or not Tabata leaned into the pitch to deliberately break up Mad Max’s perfect game.

I’ve seen the video: At the very least, Tabata definitely did not make an effort to get out of the way. Tabata seemed to be quite pleased with himself too, nodding his head in what looked like celebration as he jogged to first base. It’s hard to be disappointed in a no-hitter regardless of how it’s broken up, but I think Scherzer has all the room in the world to bean Tabata for real in their next matchup.


Tavin Stucki is a sports writer from Midvale, Utah, who hasn’t found a sport he doesn’t like. For comments, concerns or bursts of outrage, email him at

Tavin Stucki

Community News Editor at Tooele Transcript Bulletin
Tavin Stucki is sports editor for the Tooele Transcript Bulletin. Stucki graduated with a journalism degree from Utah State University in 2014, where he worked at The Utah Statesman as staff writer, sports editor, news editor and editor-in-chief, respectively, for four years. Stucki served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Scotland from 2008-10.

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