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June 16, 2020
Appreciation for Tooele City Cemetery

Have you visited the Tooele City cemetery? What a beautiful place of honor: sacred to thought and God. It merits the thanks of living family members and friends who seek connections to the movers and motivators of history.  

In the cemetery, the entombed are remembered largely for toil, sacrifice and heart. As I walked along the rows of the silent congregation, I remembered much about these people. They took for better or worse their portion of life and through toil did their best.  

Also doing their best are the people who service the operations of the cemetery: Kelly Vorwaller and his two helpers and Kim Romero. There also is a private citizen who donates time and materials to mend broken/vandalized sandstone monuments. This I know from visiting the Sexton’s Office on two occasions to prepare for my own placement in that hallowed ground.

The Tooele City administration has supported the needed upgrades to the cemetery property. Thank you!  Hopefully, we citizens, friends, and neighbors can give a respectful visit to the cemetery as we enter the months of patriotism to give honor to all who have contributed so much to our prosperity and safety. God Bless America!

Carolyn Palmer

Stansbury Park


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