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April 23, 2013
Appreciative friend

One person can make a big difference for good in our community. This thought was reinforced in my mind last week when I attended the funeral for Jul Perry. I knew Jul and Betty through my work in recreation at Tooele Valley Nursing Home/Rocky Mountain Care-Tooele Care Center. They were volunteers helping with bingo and van rides many years before I came there. After Betty died Jul would often join our “lunch bunch” in the recreation room because he didn’t like to eat alone. He told stories about growing up in the house on the hill in Roosevelt. The wind blew through that house. Eventually the wind blew that house over! He told of adventures he had in getting to, serving in, and getting home from his LDS mission to South Africa. He spoke often of his love for his family. Jul retired from several careers. He worked at Tooele Army Depot. He worked at the Ritz and Motor-Vu Drive-In as a projectionist and bouncer. Many in Tooele remember him as “Grandpa Cinema.” After many years of driving the nursing home van for nothing, he got paid for driving at Rocky Mountain Care. Jul had a big heart and served the residents because he truly loved therm. He will be remembered for his example as a dependable, kind, calm, caring friend and for his many unknown acts of charity. He has made a difference for good in Tooele.

Jeanne Jeppesen


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