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June 28, 2018
Are you curious what the feature ‘Shake’ might mean?

Here are a few features that have actually been with us for some time now but may actually be useful now.

When Windows 8 removed the Start button and there was an uproar about it, Microsoft added another function of the Start button. In Windows 10, if you right-click it, an extensive menu appears. This is actually a nice shortcut to many functions used throughout the day.

For example, reaching the Task Manager may seem easier for most instead of using the decades-old “Ctrl + Alt + Del.” For those power users, Disk Management is a lot easier to reach as well as Network Connections. Try it on a few of them and they may become productive habits.

If you ever need to hurriedly lock your computer, even if you have a plethora of open windows and apps, you can quickly do so by pressing the “Windows” key and “L” at the same time, on your keyboard. This is a super-fast and simple way to lock your computer to safeguard it from unauthorized access. When you return, sign in to your computer and everything previously open, returns untouched. Try it right now; it works really well.

Are you curious what the feature named “Shake” might mean? Open 5 or 6 windows and they can be pretty much any programs, apps or even your Internet browsers. Once you have numerous windows open, go to the top of the one you want to remain open and active, and click and hold the title bar at the top, then shake your mouse and all the other windows will minimize into your taskbar. Don’t worry; your windows are still there below.

If you shake your open window again, it will re-open all your windows as they were before. This may be a little easier than clicking the “Peek at desktop” button located secretly in the far lower-right corner of your desktop. This icon is hidden until the cursor is over it. Click once to show your desktop, click a second time to open all your windows again.

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