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February 14, 2017
Aren’t you good enough?

This letter to the editor addresses the Feb. 7 story in the Tooele Transcript Bulletin on the Midvalley Highway.

Our county commissioners gave themselves a 19-percent raise. Because they think they need it. Because of the way they govern our county.

To commissioner Shawn Milne: The last time we spoke, you said I never say “Thank you” for the good things that you do. In the newspaper, it said you would donate your pay increase. If you put it back into the county fund, “Thank you.” If you take the money home to donate to charity, you’re taking a pay raise.

If you commissioners are doing such a good job, why did you hire Greg Curtis to lobby for you for the Midvalley Highway and pay him $60,000 for the 45-day legislative session? That works out to $1,333 a day. I don’t think they’ll spend over 45 hours working on it during the session.

Why aren’t you three qualified and good enough to represent us at the Legislature like you said you were qualified when you ran for office and gave yourselves pay raises?

Does this mean you can’t or will not work with our Tooele County representatives in the Legislature, or they will not work with you? Or, does this mean they are unqualified to represent us in the Legislature?

I know retired people who are making less than $1,333 a month to live on and to pay taxes to pay for all of our county and state representatives’ salaries.

I challenge any of them to justify spending $60,000 for a few hours work that you guys can’t do in a newspaper article. This is why we should go to a council/manager form of government.

Jerry Edwards


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