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May 30, 2013
At clerk’s office, we work for you and do our best to meet your needs

Happenings in Tooele County: The commissioners have made the final cuts to get the county back into a better financial situation. The laid off and retired employees will be greatly missed. The vacant offices attest to the problems and hopeful solutions in the county building. But there are good things happening too.

Some portions of Deseret Peak Complex will begin to take on life again. Thanks to independent contractors, the soccer and ball fields are having games, and the motocross track will open soon. It’s good to hear the laughter of children and see the smiling faces of parents. We’d all like to see the pool open soon, but I haven’t heard any plans for that. Keep your fingers crossed!

In a previous Clerk’s Corner, I told you there would be two elections in June, one for the South Rim Special Service District and one for the North Tooele County Fire District.  There’s been a change of plans. The North Tooele County Fire District will not have a June election. Randy Wilden, Fire Chief, consulted with the State Auditor’s Office and determined that since they are only approving the tax rate cap that has already been implemented, they do not have to hold an election. Good news for NTCFD because that saves a lot of money.

South Rim Special Service District will hold an election on June 25 to “levy property tax at a rate that generates $12,000 or less annually.” The election, however, will not be conducted the same as it has the last few years.

Usually South Rim votes by mail. To save money, they will go to a polling location (probably the Stockton Fire Station) where volunteer election judges will be there to help. This election will be voted on a paper ballot, the kind you mark with an “X” and the votes will be counted by hand. With only 178 registered voters, this form of balloting made more sense to the district board members.

In the county offices, the morale may be down, but you will receive the same wonderful service you have always come to expect. We take great pride in our work, whether we’re short handed, working less hours or taking a cut in pay. We work for you and will do our best to meet your needs.


Marilyn K. Gillette, Tooele County Clerk

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