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September 6, 2016
At our expense

In the Aug. 30 article about the Southside Gravel Pit, Commissioner Shawn Milne said that he needs more time to research the history of permits for the site in question. First, if the request for the mining permit had been made and discussed in a public meeting, as required by Utah’s Open and Public Meeting Act and Tooele County Code, that research would have been done 18 months ago. Second, they supposedly completed that research in fulfillment of a GRAMA request made by some of my neighbors a few weeks ago. The research is done. Unless there are more documents that county officials are withholding, all of the facts have been laid out. The county commissioners and county planner must be stalling for some other reason they are unwilling to disclose.

These elected officials are supposed to represent the people that put them in office. But in all of our attempts to discuss this with them, they seem to only be concerned with preserving the interests of wealthy, non-resident landowners. These gravel pits dirty our air, shred our roads and destroy our landscapes, all at taxpayer expense to repair and clean up. So why are county officials working so hard against us on this? What are they gaining at our expense?

Jeremy Larsen

South Rim

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