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March 13, 2018
Avoid the filth

As I sat last on a Friday morning browsing through the Thursday edition of our local small-town newspaper, The Tooele Transcript Bulletin, an article caught my eye titled, “Tooele man given probation in child sex abuse case.” I was curious, as I have many young grandchildren and this situation concerns me greatly. Realizing that these horrible things occur often in our degraded society, I was curious as to why probation was given to a man who affected the life of a child most likely for the rest of his or her life. As I read I was sickened by the disgusting details of the case that were printed for children to read, even the victims, who would be reminded of the vile acts of a child predator.

I make it a point to avoid the filth that is portrayed as normal daily life on television, movies, books, magazines, etc. Then here I was subjected to it in my attempt to catch up on the local news at my breakfast table in the newspaper I pay good money to which I subscribe, so that I know what is going on in our community. What happened to the decency to help keep children innocent and pure? Where is the respect for virtue, “Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly.” It isn’t difficult to imagine what such a deplorable act entails, so why is it spelled out in all its filthy detail in the newspaper? I don’t think I need to subscribe to it anymore. I would implore you to use some discretion in the things you publish. Children and impressionable youth might be reading it. Who knows, it might be fuel for perverts. And that we don’t need.

Darlene Pierce


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