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March 29, 2012
Baby mice: How to feed them

Baby mice, also called pups, kittens or pinkies, are very fragile when they are born, and take up a lot of work for not only mother mice, but for people who are trying to foster them.

For one, mothers have to feed their babies every two hours, for they need all the nutrition they can get, and the same goes for fostered mice. You have to get up every two hours, including at night. Baby mice will drink their mother’s milk for about two to three weeks. Thereafter, they can eat solid food.

If you are fostering pinkies, powdered kitten milk is the best to feed them. It has the necessary nutrition to keep them alive. You can find this formula at pet shops or Walmart.

Luckily, because mice do not live that long, pinkies grow up very fast. Within a few or more weeks, they will have already grown fur and can live on their own.

Addie T. Lindsay is 15 years old. She is a writer and accomplished photographer of wildlife creatures, big and small. Her Sioux Indian name is Hissing Viper. She can be reached at addietl@live. com.

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