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October 4, 2016
Back to our roots

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor in the Sept. 27 edition about Louis Duquette’s guest opinion printed in the Sept. 20 edition. I read Duquette’s guest opinion and felt it was well written. Since I’ve been on this earth only six years less than him, I can remember and relate to much of what he said. The truth does not make one a racist or a bigot.

We do have a poor school system. It needs a complete overhaul. We need local control, not Common Core. We have an illegal alien problem. And the ones committing crimes are the ones drawing the attention. They are the ones who are hurting their own race. Put the blame where it belongs.

We have become a disrespectful, forgetful, unappreciative and entitled society. The government owes us and we deserve more is society’s motto today. No one wants to be responsible for themselves. If a child is failing in school, it’s the school’s fault. If someone gets hurt on a park playground, it’s the park’s fault. If someone slips or falls, it’s the city’s fault. If someone gets shot by the police while involved in illegal activities, it’s the policeman’s fault and he is a racist — even if the officer happens to be of the same race as the victim.

Our restrictive and controlling laws are mind boggling. I can’t take a grandchild anywhere in my car without a specific kind of car seat or I’m abusing/neglecting that child. I can’t burn weeds in my own backyard, I can’t burn wood in my stove on a cold day in winter, and I can’t handle my own IRA money. The government has to tell me how, when, where and how much and then tells me when I have to take it out!

We are forced to pay high premiums for our forced health insurance. You should see what politicians’ benefits and retirement plans are. Not all the same as the rest of us. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.

Our choices for the highest seat in government of our country this year are very questionable. One candidate is such a large business mogul, I wonder what kind of ethics he has, not to mention he has gone through so many marriages and divorces I lost count. A president who doesn’t take commitments seriously is worrisome.

The other candidate spews lies every time she opens her mouth and believes laws only apply to others, not her. Our current president has no respect for our Constitution. He has broken it so many times it’s disgusting. The facts speak for themselves. Our Constitution gives us the right to voice our opinion even if it differs from someone else.

I love my country. I am proud to be an American. And even though our government has many faults and made many mistakes, I will always stand for our national anthem and show respect for our flag. Our founding fathers made a Constitution that could stand the test of time — if we would stand by it and stick to it! We have strayed so far away from it. It is time to get back to our roots and take our country back!

Marylinn Sharp

Lake Point

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