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September 12, 2019
Back to school means back to busy for the Tooele County Clerk’s office

Back to school time brings many busy activities for families. It’s also back to busy in the Tooele County Clerk’s office. 

We have finished one election and already have to get ready for another. I have an observation from the primary election: Make sure your ballot is signed and returned on time.

We had several that were initialed, printed, etc., but we couldn’t match them to the signature we have on file. We make every effort to contact the voter and have an affidavit turned in with the ballot so we can give them voting credit and count the ballot. But sometimes nothing comes back. So please sign those ballots for the next election on Nov. 5. Mark your calendars! 

Also, we heard from voters who wanted to know more about their candidates. is a treasure trove of information on candidates, ballot issues, registration and you can track your ballot in its process of being counted. It’s a great resource. 

Passports: so many of you are taking Christmas time cruises. We see a lot of you for passports right now. Did you know that we are the only acceptance agents in Tooele County for the Federal Passport Agency? That means we accept and execute your passport properly for the U.S. Department of State. 

The State Department will process and send your passport to you. The only way to pay the U.S .Department of State is with a check or money order. We realize most people no longer carry checks with them , so if you are getting ready for a Christmas cruise or trip, bring in your checkbook, money order or cashiers check. Processing times are still running 6-8 weeks, so plan ahead. 

Lastly, I have to share some exciting community news that many of you already know. I live in Stansbury Park and for the past several weeks, my family and I have had the pleasure of watching Sophie, a 12-year-old Stansbury Park resident, compete on the Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship. 

It’s been so fun to watch her compete and we are going to cheer her on. I know there are many of us, me included, who are all very proud of how great she has done on the show. What a fun, brave and amazing representation of our community. Go Sophie! 

Tenille Tingey is chief deputy clerk in the Tooele County Clerk’s office.

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