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December 11, 2012
Bad drivers are real problem

Recently, the Transcript-Bulletin ran the editorial “Dangerous Lake Point road needs quick fix” (Dec. 4). The recent accident in Lake Point taking two lives is sad, however I believe there is no “quick fix” to reduce accidents at Lake Point, let alone Utah in general. I find myself uniquely qualified to talk about this. At 65 years old, I have driven all over the United States in all types of weather. Today, being semi-retired, I “flag” for a living. I am one of those people you meet standing on the side of the road in an orange hard hat and vest with a two-sided paddle that says “stop” and “slow.” Almost every day during the summer construction months I deal with bad drivers. The weather is clear, the roads are good, but it’s the drivers you have to watch. They’re laughing and joking with a passenger, eating, talking on the phone, texting or scolding the kids and not paying attention. The article suggest correcting the highway to accommodate careless drivers. But these problems aren’t from design flaws. These are people breaking the law who just don’t give a damn until they hurt someone. In other states with problem areas like Lake Point, I have seen two officers on the side of the road, one with a speed gun and the other on the radio. This sad accident in Lake Point isn’t a design problem as much as it is a irresponsible driver problem, which could be really helped out by serious law enforcement efforts.

Louis Duquette


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