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April 26, 2005
Battle loose dogs, graffiti

In response to Scott Burris’ letter regarding dogs being allowed to run wild, I share his concerns regarding the damage to our yards. But I would like to add that residents should be more concerned about safety issues.

My daughter was in our garage with a friend fixing her bike. Two loose dogs wandered into our garage and approached the girls. My daughter reached out to pet one of the dogs and it bit her on the face. I filed a police report but, of course, the dog was long gone and there was nothing we could do to locate the dog. It would have been euthanized. It had no tags so finding the owner would have been difficult. Is this what pet owners want for their dogs?

Pet owners are usually uneducated regarding the behavior of their dogs. Many times it is assumed that because a dog is well behaved at home with its owners that it will always behave that way. Any dog, no matter how well behaved with its owners, can become dangerous with strangers for no reason.

An animal doesn’t need to be provoked to turn violent.

I understand the animal shelter is making efforts to become a no-kill shelter. But due to funding and the high volume of irresponsible pet owners, this may not be possible at this time. I applaud their efforts, but we must first send a message to pet owners and make them responsible.

There are many young children in our community. The number of loose dogs is becoming a huge safety issue. I hope it doesn’t take a tragedy to find funding to enforce the laws that are already in place.

The best way to get results, concerned residents, is to be proactive!

If you see a dog that is loose and you know where it lives, report it immediately to the animal shelter. You don’t have to provide your name. Just provide the address of the dog’s owner. Animal control can come and pick up loose dogs if you don’t know who the owner is.

Another concern I have is the growing amount of graffiti littering our city. There are options to help remedy this.

It’s difficult to catch the disrespectful taggers, but we can at least cover up their messages. Owners, please remove the graffiti or cover it up as soon as possible. It saddened me that Northlake Elementary School was a victim of such disrespect. I commend the custodians for cleaning it up as soon as possible.

What a shame they had to spend their time cleaning up the mess when the students and staff need them to take care of their daily duties in the school. Are there volunteer groups who can help with this? How about some of the youth groups, church groups, etc.? How about the youth or citizens who have been ordered to provide community service?

Maybe merchants can donate the paint and/or other supplies and as a community we can at least try to keep our city as free as possible from the ugliness of graffiti.

To some, the graffiti is just ugly scribbles with no meaning. But to others, it is a message and most likely not a good one. Let’s get it covered up as soon as possible to discourage the taggers from using our property to send their messages.

JoEllen Kershaw

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