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October 31, 2017
Begin the search within yourself to discover your unique gifts

The sidewalk was crowded with people from all walks of life, yet it felt as if they were all seeking to be the same.

“Everyone is the same, different than me,” I thought as I walked with the crowd.

It was a large city and there were hundreds of thousands of people all around. They were from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe, and it all felt homogenous. Except for one — me.

I walked toward my hotel, self-contained in a sea of humanity. I looked up at signs that proclaimed the celebration of unique individual gifts when another thought raced through my head.

“The masses of people invading this city are here to seek the unique, to hear and see the exceptional talents of others. I wonder if they’ve sought the same within themselves?”

Our world of instant information and worship of celebrity seems to have taken a toll on our individual search for the exceptional within us. Some have fallen prey to a mistaken belief that being famous is the objective of all existence. Others have given up on their own personal journey toward discovering their inherent exceptional being because they feel as if they can never compete with the false media images before their eyes.

Yet, there is another eye. It is an eye that seems to be rarely used. It is the internal-seeing-eye of genius.

This internal-seeing-eye of genius is not an eye of selfishness. It is an eye that reveals unique personal gifts and everyone has it.

Do you believe yourself to be a one of a kind? Have you been able to search within yourself to discover what gifts are uniquely yours? Are you able to share your special attributes with others to give what only you can give?

Nearing my hotel, I looked again at the throng of people ahead of me on the sidewalk. We weren’t dressed in the same uniform, but it felt as if we had all made the same mistake to only enjoy the unique talents of others.

“Everyone is different than me,” I thought. “I wonder how I’m different? Perhaps it’s time for me to take another trip, a trip of self discovery!”

Lynn Butterfield lives in  and is a managing broker for a real estate company.

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