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image Bettas make excellent pets, as long as you only have one. They are known for their aggressiveness and beautiful colors.

November 15, 2012
Betta fish known for being both beautiful and aggressive

Bettas, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, are not as ordinary as they might seem. Not only do they show off magnificent colors and long flowing fins, but they can also survive in low oxygenated waters, thanks to their organs called labyrinths. They are very aggressive and are called fighters for this reason.

Male bettas cannot live with other males, nor can they live with females. They will fight or even kill each other. Female bettas can swim with other females and live quite peacefully.

Many fish lovers wonder how bettas reproduce when all they do is fight. Today you will learn how. When bettas are bred, there are certain signs that females show when they are ready.

When they do, they’re placed in a jar where they can be seen by the male and she will wait there until the male has prepared a bubble nest for their eggs. Once this is completed, the female will be released and they will immediately begin mating.

The male wraps himself around her in an embracing like way, and will force her to lay 100 to 500 eggs by squeezing her. This causes the female to become paralyzed and she will float around for a time while the male gathers the eggs and places them inside the bubble nest. Females can die from this, but most recover and will fight the male if they are not taken out of the tank.


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