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October 1, 2015
Bits of wisdom have helped me a lot so far

I recently turned 18 years old, which means I am now a legal adult according to the United States of America.

Looking back on my childhood years, I have been given a lot of advice by many adult figures I look up to.

One piece of advice that sticks in my mind is from my mother. A church teacher, who my mother was fond of, gave it to her. While teaching about the components of a successful marriage during a lesson, he told her, “There is always more than one ‘right’ person out there. There is just always a better choice.”

That advice has stuck with my mom and me. It echoes in my mind every time I meet a guy who I think is “the one” for me. As a teenager, I know that we teens sometimes get swept up in the romance and excitement of it all. We forget that the person may not be the right fit.

The teacher’s advice helps us to take a step back into reality and evaluate the situation, but it also reminds us that we can be happy with several different people. His simple phrase can lead someone into a happy marriage and a happy life.

My mom is wise beyond her years. There were many times I came into her room late at night, upset because I had gotten into a fight with my friends. While asking her what to do, she would sit me down and say, “Let me tell you a secret. When people say, ‘Never go to bed angry,’ it is a lie. Sometimes it is best to get some sleep and just think about the argument before trying to solve it.”

I can’t express how many times that has saved me from losing a great friend. I am able to wake up the next day, calm and collected, and handle my arguments like a mature adult.

Remember how people say it is always better to talk to someone in person? Well, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, it can create more harm and upset than good. Why? People’s emotions can create tension. I have found at times that writing a letter is more helpful. That way, I can get my point across exactly the way I want to and revise it when I am not upset so that it remains pleasant but firm.

Yes, talking in person shows a sign of respect, but is it really respectful to yell and scream at someone instead of writing a letter that is calm and kind? So sometimes, it is better to just write a letter.

Recently, a movie came out that retells the story of Cinderella. In the movie, Cinderella’s mother gives her some advice before she passes away. Cinderella takes it to heart and it is a reoccurring theme throughout the movie, even leading her to forgive her horrid stepmother.

The advice is to have courage and to be kind. While it is great for the movie, it can also be a little reminder to each of us the next time we get angry with someone or gossip about him or her. The best thing to do is turn the other cheek, so to speak.

These four bits of wisdom have helped me get through childhood and high school successfully. I hope that they not only continue to help me in my life, but touch the hearts of others who may come across challenges.

With that said, I take a step forward into the adult world with hopes that I will continue to be successful throughout my life.

Peatross is a senior at Tooele High School.

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