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July 5, 2016
Blind followers

I’m so tried of the garbage we are being handed daily from every corner and aspect of our lives. We are constantly bombarded with marketing for one thing or another from our personal lives, how to raise our kids, and who to trust. Taxes, revenue, government money. We can’t take a step in any direction that governments (local, state and federal) haven’t imposed an income tax, a use fee, surcharge, levee, or tax of some kind! The government has its hands in my pockets more than I do.

However, as long as the majority of us have our new cars, latest cell phone, the right hair do, overwhelmingly agree with political correctness rules of the day, life is good. We are being led around the nose by symbolism instead of substance. You remember honesty, morality, loyalty to our families, one another and the USA? We are living government and business’s reality show so they can profit in every way imaginable. We are literally selling our soul, and our country, down the drain.

Look at our elected representatives. This country didn’t get to where it is overnight. Orrin Hatch played a significant role for over 35 years of “service.” What has Stewart and Chaffetz accomplished? A seventy-thousand page tax code? Our Veterans are moved to the back of the line in favor of illegal aliens and “immigrants” with Sharia beliefs. Ya, they should be reelected right?

Gary Herbert, our savior, had to raise the gas tax to improve and maintain our highways. Then just before the budget is submitted, he “realizes” there isn’t enough money in the education fund, so where does the money come from to cover the shortfall? The transportation budget. Our mayor touts how well run this city is, pointing to no new taxes. A paragraph later he mentions the new $3 “fee” included in our water bill for street light maintenance.

So at what point are all of you going to buy a new backbone? Change your lemming status from a blind follower to a responsible citizen?  When are you going to raise your kids on your terms? When are you going to insist on an educational system that you understand and know works? When are you going to tell government that Obama Care is a failure? When are you all going to understand that “Taxation without Representation” is still tyranny, even today?

Louis Duquette


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