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May 28, 2020
Blue Peak High School grads

‘Even though we can’t walk down the aisle in front of everyone, we still did it’ 

Blue Peak High School students were able to watch a virtual graduation ceremony from the safety of their own homes on May 18.

Bailee Hunt, one of the student speakers on the prerecorded ceremony, said the class of 2020 made it to graduation, despite the doubts of some people.

“This school is full of some of the brightest students I have ever met,” said Hunt. “We are full of the students that were told we were never going to make it, that we were never going to graduate and it hurt. Even though we can’t walk down the aisle in front of everyone, we still did it! Now it is time to see where life takes us.  I’m sure it will take each of us somewhere extraordinary.” 

Samuel Naylor, another student speaker at the ceremony, said that faculty and staff at Blue Peak set a very positive tone for the school.

“Blue Peak is a great healthy environment,” he said. “I really feel like being here allowed me to be myself more than being at any other school would have let me. Overall, I am super grateful for graduating from Blue Peak.”

Scott Dean, math teacher at Blue Peak High School and the guest speaker for the graduation, spoke about choices.

“Your potential is only limited by your choices, your focus and your motivation,” he said. “Choose to succeed and never stop learning .. share your talents with others .”

Kendall Topham, Blue Peak High School principal, spoke briefly before he presented the graduating class.

“Define your character and stay true to your character,” he said.

Kendall defined character with the words integrity, courage, loyalty and fortitude.

Topham also advised the graduates to be accountable, teachable and courageous.

“Be accountable and take ownership of your character,” he said. “Be you and stay true to yourself. Be teachable … maintain a passion for learning and don’t ever lose that passion. As a high school graduate you have reached a level of learning; don’t stop now. Be courageous in your dreams. Pursue them with passion and courage.”

School board member Julia Holt accepted the graduating class on behalf of the school board.

“Keep challenging yourself, keep working hard,” she said. “Always choose growth over safe and dreams over fear. … Amaze yourself and show them you have a great potential.” 

Blue Peak High School is Tooele County School District’s alternative high school. It is located at the school district’s Community Learning Center in Tooele City.

Blue Peak’s students are referred to the school by counselors at other high schools in Tooele Valley because the students are severely short of expected credits, putting timely graduation at risk, according to school district officials.

The complete virtual graduation ceremony for Blue Peak High School can be viewed onYouTube at


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