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June 25, 2020
Bolinder wants industrial zoning for property

Zone change would brings jobs and economic diversity, says landowner 

An application for approval of a zoning map amendment located at 1830 West Highway 112, was discussed during the Tooele City planning commission meeting on Wednesday evening.

The applicant, Gary Bolinder, representing Bolinder Real Estate, wants to facilitate industrial development and land uses on the 120 acres of the property.

The property is currently zoned RD for research development, and GC for general commercial. 

The purpose of the RD zone is to combine certain elements of the general commercial and light industrial zoning districts, while excluding other elements, according to Tooele City planning staff.

The intent of the RD zone is to allow for a place to house local businesses in an environment that allows a mix of small commercial and light industrial uses. This zone is not intended for large commercial or industrial uses, or for intensive retail or manufacturing activities, according to planning staff.

Bolinder requested the zoning to be changed to I for industrial zoning to allow for the establishment of industrial uses, which add to employment opportunities and economic diversity within the city, according to Bolinder.

The industrial zone permits many commercial uses that are also permitted in the general commercial and research and development zones, but by rezoning the parcel, Bolinder would lose the ability to conduct certain commercial businesses on the property, according to planning staff.

The land use map of the city’s general plan calls for the commercial land use for the subject property.

Properties to the north of the parcel are vacant and zoned general commercial and R1-7 residential.

Properties to the east are zoned R1-7 residential and research development and properties to the south are zoned research development and industrial.

The request, although one application, involves two properties. The western parcel of land adjacent to SR-112 is currently zoned general commercial and the internal parcel is currently zoned research development.

During the meeting, all of the members of the commission, except Shauna Bevan, voted to send a positive recommendation to the city council regarding the request.


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