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October 30, 2012
Bookmobile closure hurts

As an avid reader, I read with dismay about the county’s closure of the bookmobile on Nov. 7. I will tell you that this broke my heart. We encourage our families to read. Now the county is cutting this valuable service to the communities, schools and the Indian reservation it serves. It also means that the library headquarters, located in Grantsville, will be closed as well. As a library patron from Grantsville, I am shocked that we will no longer have this library available for use. From experience, I can tell you that every time I visited the library, there were others there taking advantage of the resources provided. If I feel this way about the closure, I can hardly think of how people in outlying areas are affected. It is my hope that the commissioners will look at this situation and not cut the bookmobile services.

Sandra Shoemaker


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