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October 23, 2012
Bookmobile was a bargain

As a child, I felt impressed by the story of Abraham Lincoln walking miles in the rain to return a book he had borrowed. Although the story is often used to illustrate how Lincoln earned the nickname “Honest Abe,” my focus was on how far Lincoln went in the first place to get a good book to read. Growing up in rural Wyoming, I owned a few dozen books but, through checking out library books both at school and at the local library, I had access to thousands more. When I lived in South Ogden, Weber and Davis counties’ library systems teamed up and residents of each county were allowed to check out books from both systems. There is no such partnership between Tooele and Salt Lake counties. The Tooele County bookmobile is scheduled to be terminated Nov. 7 (“County to close the book on bookmobile,” Oct. 16). The cost for just one family residing in Tooele County to get a library card in Salt Lake County is $80 a year. Not only does the bookmobile provide excellent titles, both new and old among its 29,000 volumes, it offers the reader access to millions more through interlibrary loan. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Wise is the man who empties his purse into his head.” Keeping the bookmobile here in Tooele County wouldn’t even require emptying the whole purse. As a Tooele County taxpayer, I think spending $128,649 a year on the bookmobile is a bargain.

Dea Lewis


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