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November 25, 2019
Bring your own bag

Did you know that 500 billion single-use plastic bags are used each year? As the holidays approach shopping increases, which leads to an increase in the use of plastic bags. Knowing that 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris are currently contaminating our oceans, here are a few simple ways to minimize this issue. Shop friendly. Choose to shop at locations where bags aren’t offered. Stores like Costco and Sam’s club don’t offer bags but continue to be a popular place to shop. Many stores also allow customers to opt out of bags, which is especially helpful for smaller purchases.

If you do choose to use plastic bags, recycling is a great option. Plastic bag recycling stations can be found at almost every store that uses plastic bags. Ultimately, the best option would be to bring your own reusable bag. These can be purchased at nearly every grocer. Although they do come at a small cost, the benefits will quickly pay for themselves. This holiday season choose to make a difference by being conscious of the way you carry your groceries. Happy shopping!

Kyle Peterson


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