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April 14, 2016
Businesses announce they’ll close for City Hall dedication

The Tooele Transcript Bulletin has published Tooele County news since 1894. Here is a flashback of local front-page news from 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago that occurred during the second or third week of April — depending on whether the year was a leap year.

April 16 and 18, 1991

Between 50 and 60 county officials participated in an emergency exercise simulating an earthquake and a nerve agent bomb accident. The simulation went well and taught local officials more about handling a large-scale emergency in progress, county emergency officials said.

Later that week, Tooele City residents and firemen packed into a public hearing for a new proposed precious metals recovery plant to be built on the city’s north side. Several attendees spoke against allowing the Afmetco company into the city, citing concerns that the city’s lack of a hazardous material team made it too much of a risk.

April 12 and 15, 1966

The Tooele High School marching band was invited to participate in the 1967 Tournament of Roses Parade. The Tooele City Council also raised its sewer connection fee from $30 to $200 to help pay for major repairs and needed expansion of the city sewage plant.

In addition, three new officers joined Tooele City’s police force and a landscape expert called Utah the nation’s junkyard. Dr. Arvil Stark, Extension Landscape Horticulturist for Utah State University, gave the Tooele Chamber of Commerce several suggestions for how they could improve the appearance of communities in Tooele County, including getting rid of weeds and junk cars and mowing grass.

April 15 and 18, 1941

Tooele businesses announced they would close for the dedication ceremony of the new Tooele City Hall on April 19. Elton tunnel drillers also pushed into a new mineralized zone containing mostly iron, with traces of lead and zinc. Although the ore didn’t have commercial value, it indicated the possible presence of a valuable deposit.

Three more young men from Tooele County were also drafted into the Army. In addition, Tooele Valley residents were surprised by an off-season snowstorm that dropped 9 inches of snow, followed by a cold weather snap that may have killed the apricot crop in Bauer.

April 14, 1916

A fire in the straw stack at Grover McBride Ranch, just west of the International Smelter in Pine Canyon, threatened all ranch buildings including the house. Charles McBride attached a hose to a water pipe and worked to put it out while Mrs. Grover McBride called the smelter to ask them to put all water pressure into the pipe. With help from other people who saw the fire, the McBride family was able to put it out. The fire caused about $250 in damage. A cigarette was found to have started the blaze.

The Tooele County commissioners also instructed that around 100 apple trees be planted in the courthouse lot in the spring.

Jessica Henrie compiled this report.

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