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August 25, 2015
By-mail voting again increases turnout

The 2015 Primary Election was held Aug. 11. While there wasn’t a landslide turnout, it once again shows that by mail voting increases turnout. The results were as follows:

Grantsville City

Registered voters 4124

Ballots cast 541

Percentage voted 13.12 percent

Grantsville City Council

Jewel Allen 298

Krista Sparks 319

Scott Stice 218

James Christensen 218

Neil A. Critchlow 307

Michael L. Tate 59

Jamie Topham 92

Stockton Town

Registered voters 293

Ballots cast 105

Percentage voted  36 percent

Stockton Town Council

Nando Meli, Jr. 43

Thomas (KJ) Karjola  48

George B. Carter 27

Judy A Bori 56

The top six candidates in Grantsville City (three city council seats open) and the top four candidates in the Town of Stockton (two town council seats open) will move on to the General Election on Nov. 3.

For a precinct by precinct count, please go to

Property Tax Exemptions: The deadline for Property Tax Abatements and Exemption Programs is Sept. 1. There are a number of programs designed to help citizens who qualify:   Veteran’s Exemption, Blind Exemption, Circuit Breaker,  Indigent (County) Abatement, and Mobile Home Owner.

For more information please go to, or call Kathy at 435-843-3132.

Midyear Budget Adjustments: At the Tooele County Commission meeting held Aug. 18, the commissioners approved mid-year budget adjustments. These mid-year adjustments were created by the departments petitioning the commission for increases they felt they needed. The commissioners either granted the request, tweaked it or denied it. To see the approved changes, please follow this link. .

Marilyn Gillette is the Tooele Coutny Clerk/Auditor.

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