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image Irene Call practices lunges at the Stansbury High School track Wednesday. She plans to break the Guinness World Record time for the women’s mile lunge Saturday, Nov. 16.

November 7, 2013
Call attempts to break mile lunge record

Irene Call, of Erda, will test her own fitness level on Saturday, Nov. 16 at the Stallion Stadium track in Stansbury Park at 10 a.m.

She will attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Lunge Mile for Women. The official current record for a lunge mile for a woman is 37 minutes 38 seconds set by Switzerland’s Dorothea Voegel on Nov. 6, 2005 in Dachau, Germany.

Irene Call and husband Hobie Call are able to accomplish such physical feats thanks to their training for and participation in Spartan Race. Spartan Race includes a series of obstacle course races of varying distance and difficulty ranging from 1 mile to marathon distances. The pair have competed in races throughout the country. Hobie Call won the World Championships this fall for the top time in a 13-mile obstacle course race against the top racers in the world.

Irene already has completed training lunge races of 400 meters and 800 meters in preparation for her quest on Nov. 16. She carried weights for the 400 meters and did not have weights when she covered 800 meters.

“You must lunge, knee touches ground then stand up completely, as fast as you can for one mile,” Irene said. It will take 1300 to 1400 lunges to complete a distance of one mile around the track.

“I can’t think of it in that way or I will never make it,” Irene said.

There will be two judges and two timers, and the feat will be video taped continuously from start to finish to make it official.

Hobie said his wife will shatter the record and probably do the feat in 34 minutes.

Irene is attempting to break the record on behalf of her friend Chris Davis of Georgia, who recently lost 400 pounds. At his largest, Davis weighed 696 pounds. He lost his first 250 pounds just by walking, and then he was noticed by Spartan Racing owner Joe DeSena who took him under his wing. Davis lost another 150 pounds by training for and participating in Spartan Race.

“I want to help Chris Davis finish what he started in 2010. He was 696 pounds and ready to make a change. By the time Spartan Race found him he was down to 390 pounds. Spartan helped him lose an additional 150 pounds. Today he has lost over 400 pounds since 2010. I want to support Chris by doing something hard and getting pledges so that he can have the surgeries he needs to remove the 50 pounds of excess skin now on his body,” Irene said.

Irene said Davis will need three operations that will total $30,000 for the surgeries. Insurance will not pay because it is a cosmetic operation. He will have skin removed from his stomach in one operation, upper back and arms in another operation and lower back and legs in a third operation.

People can donate by going to the website

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